Time Out At Pocatello, Idaho  
Anita - Mabel - Marie - Bertha & Sarah -            July 28 - 1941
       Bernice - Dr. Grieves
Steaming Basin Near Paint Pot Area
  Miss Waed from New York City                  July 28 - 1941
Yellowstone - July 1941
THIS COLLECTION of photographs was taken from an old photo album found in 1999 in Wisconsin.
The original owner of the album can be identified only as Doris--she appears in several of the
photographs. All of the photographs were captioned with short descriptions, neatly printed on the
black pages of the album in white ink. These original descriptions (including underlines) are repeated,
whenever possible, in white type below each photo. Additional information has occasionally been
added in light blue type.
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Tour's Baggage Pile -- West Yellowstone, Montana Station
                                                                     July 28 - 1941
(All photos on these pages from the collection of F.Markley, and may not be reproduced without consent.)
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According to a 1941 Yellowstone  visitor's
brochure, standard 2-1/2 day tours of the park,
including bus transportation and hotel
accommodations, were offered at all Northern
Pacific or Union Pacific railroad ticket offices
for $36 (or $33.50 if lodge accommodations
were preferred).
The old Union Pacific Railroad Station at
West Yellowstone now serves as a
museum devoted to the history of
Yellowstone tourism.
Madison Junction Museum   
(14.3 Miles From W. Yellowstone Entrance)
Doris - Mabel - Marie              July 28 - 1941
Madison Museum was completed in the
early 1930s as one of several
interpretive museums in Yellowstone.
These museums were staffed with
naturalists who also led such visitor
activities as campfire talks, lantern slide
shows, and nature walks. Today this
structure is a National Historic
Landmark--an example of rustic,
stone-log architecture.
In Front of Old Faithful Inn
Anita, Mabel, Marie                                       July 29 - 1941
In the background at left is the Geyser
Water Swimming Pool, which opened in
the spring of 1934. Inside were two
pools--one of which was shallower for
children.  Water for the pools was piped
in from Solitary Geyser. The building also
housed employee dormatories,
showers, and a public laundry. Overhead
was a vaulted roof complete with log
beams and skylights. 100 people could
easily occupy the pools. The building
was razed in 1951.